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Custom HighTack Stickers Rectangular

Custom HighTack Stickers Rectangular

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Our custom rectangular high tack stickers are the ultimate adhesive solution for when you need unmatched sticking power combined with a sleek and versatile shape. In addition to providing a reliable and long-lasting attachment for branding or promotional materials, these stickers are specifically designed to adhere securely to various surfaces. Precision-crafted with high-quality materials, our custom rectangular high tack stickers offer exceptional resistance to moisture, temperature fluctuations, and UV exposure. They are built to withstand demanding environmental conditions, ensuring that your message or logo remains intact and highly visible over time.

Our HighTack film is a white, polymeric vinyl film with a high-aggressive, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive system specially designed for bonding to difficult surfaces. Its adhesive strength is 2-3 times higher compared to other manufacturers!

Just upload your design and we'll print your own stickers.

The film is resistant to mild acids, mild alkalis, solvents, and salts. It has excellent resistance to water.

We produce your stickers for optimal results using durable outdoor ink. Order your custom high tack stickers today and experience the ultimate sticking power!

Delivery time: 5-7 days

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