Eggshell Stickers

Our Custom Eggshell Stickers are printed on a notorious material that, due to its high adhesive strength and brittle nature, cannot be removed in one piece once applied. The longer they stick, the stronger they become. Simply tearing them off is impossible, as the material breaks into tiny pieces when tampered with. Let your rivals despair!

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HighTack Stickers

Our Custom HighTack Stickers feature a highly aggressive adhesive and were designed for optimal adhesion on difficult surfaces. The extreme adhesive strength of the stickers is at least 2-3 times stronger than other providers! Because this material is less brittle than the eggshell material, contour-cut stickers are also available.

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Vinyl Sickers

Our standard vinyl stickers are suitable for any use and are very popular as classic all-rounders. The stickers are waterproof, weather-resistant, and UV-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use.

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Blank Eggshell Stickers

If you want to take your artwork to the next level, try our Blank Eggshell Stickers today! They're durable, difficult to remove and offer maximum flexibility for your creativity.

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Characteristics of Eggshell Stickers

Our advantages

Worldwide shipping

Worldwide shipping: We ship our stickers worldwide, with delivery typically taking 5-7 days after receipt of order.

Durable outdoor ink

We print your stickers with weather-resistant ink for maximum longevity under the most challenging conditions.

Easy ordering

Now you can easily order StreetStickers with your design: select your material, shape and size, choose your desired quantity and upload your graphic. That's it! We will create the cutting lines for you at no additional cost.

Special requests?

If your desired size is not available or if you need more stickers, contact us via chat. Anything is possible!